Upcoming events this week/month of March 2016:

Sisterhood of the Red Tent: Initiations into Womanhood (Beta Test)
4 Sundays Starting May 29th -June 19th (no meeting on Memorial Day weekend)
When a woman decides to no longer shun her body, her cycle, her emotions, her soul – where does she turn to in order to find answer that fit her?5e4cace659fb2616fc76a9718eb24322When she decides to allow herself to feel the depth of her pain and grief as well as the ecstatic pleasure of being in her body, where does she go to feel safe?
To the Sisterhood of the Red Tent.
We will come together to learn more about the 4 Major transitions in a woman’s life, in her monthly cycle and how they connect to the Moon & Seasons: Birth, Maidendhood, Motherhood, Crone/Sage.
We will then create rituals and ceremonies unique to each phase, as well as learn practical ways to create daily and monthly self-care practices for the feminine body.
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Our first initiation is here, deciding what you are worth as it relates to the exchange for this experience.
Quarter 2 Intention Setting workshop

Has passed. Yet you can get your hands on the powerful worksheet that will help you plant the necessary seeds in order to produce the flowers and fruit in the coming summer months.  Email me today to learn more [email protected]
Here’s the link to our Q1 workshop where we used the energy of the Winter season (Death or aka “Letting Go into deep rest”) to dive inwards and get inspired for the coming year.  We learned the first 3 months of the year (of winter) are times to rest so we can cultivate the “soil” for the coming season.This April, we will harness the energy of Spring “The Planting Season” to plant our seeds for Summer and Fall.  Stay tuned for sign-ups!


Find us on Meet-up: Movement Medicine
Facebook: Movement Medicine
If there is one thing I have heard time and again around this area, it is th

Not just the high we get from checking our Facebook page or hearing our text “ding” go off.  But the ol’ fashioned, real live touch, smells and sounds of people gathering together to do this thing called life.

In times gone by, we didn’t have to seek out and make time for community.  Yet, those days seem to be fading faster than our childhood memories.  And yet community is how we – social animals by nature – survived and thrived.  It is how we got our needs met, and how we felt life was worth living.

So I have started a Movement, a movement to get Silicon Valley women, men and children
* Moving into LIVE community and REAL connection – where we can feel seen, heard, supported and get needed healthy touchholli_movement_medicine
* Moving in our bodies – because it FEELS good to play and have fun!
* Moving to mindful self-care practices – because when we take care of the basic requirements, we can stop falling apart and start thriving in our daily lives.

In order to spread the love of this MOVEMENT, I am spearheading community events such as the following.  Learn more on the Offerings page.

  • * Quarterly Intention/Seed Planting Gatherings
  • * New Moon & Full Moon Community Dances
  • * Women’s Collective Pajama Circles
  • * Free Form Dance Fundamentals
  • * Red Tent Circles