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If you ever feel like you are going crazy as a mom, a little (or lot) resentful of your mother role (which then makes you feel guilty), and like you are being judged at each step you take ~ then Radiant Mamas is the place for you!

We talk about all the taboos of being a modern day woman and mom, including but not limited to:
* Being BOTH the Madonna and the Whore,
* Our desire to tear off some heads mixed with our wild-seemingly-out-of-control emotions,
* Our monthly bleeding that make us feel shameful (yet every one on this PLANET is here because of it?!?!?),
* Our sex drives and sensual lives
* The freakin’ mess our society is, how freakin’ tired of our kids (and partner if ya have one) we are and how amazing the world would be if women ran it
* And how we often feel so vulnerable and broken, it is hard to get out of bed day-after-day

All-in-all, I believe that we can solve our “brokenness” problem by learning more about what it really means to be a woman, according to women, from women. Not according to some Bible written by men nor by commercials for the Victoria Secret’s fantasy.

What I have learned is this requires you to be certifiable crazy. Because you will have to learn to be selfish as all hell to take back your voice and your power…not allowing others to milk you dry of your precious life force – both literally and metaphorically.

“For Western Women will be the ones to change the world,” says the Dali Lama. And the ONLY way to do that is to first come home to ourselves, our bodies and our Feminine Souls that have the answers we need.

Stay in touch with a growing circle of moms who are serious about being Self-ish ~ i.e. being Self Dedicated and CRAZY as a means to take back their power, their lives and save the world.  Activate your membership by clicking here to receive your first crazy making activity: The Art of the Mommy Tantrum!

Read more about why it is good to be Self-ish here.

Open your Heart through your breasts!
All Intimacy begins with you…and with your own connection to yourself. Giving yourself permission to learn about and explore your own body is the door to opening up the depth of intimacy that you crave for. Our senses are awaiting for us to rediscover them – and the pleasure they bring to us. Couldn’t you use a little more pleasure in your life as a mom?


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