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* Jan 8th – Shake Your Booty Dance @10:30 am
* Jan 14th – Q1 Intention Setting Workshop @ 10am
* Jan 18th – Hump Day Happy Hour @ 6pm

If there is one thing I have heard time and again around this area, it is that people are:

Not just the high we get from checking our Facebook page or hearing our text “ding” go off.  But the ol’ fashioned kind with touch, smells and sounds of people gathering together to do this thing called life.

In times gone by, we didn’t have to seek out and make time for community.  We lived in community daily.

Those days seem to be fading faster than our childhood memories.  Yet community is how we – social animals by nature – survive and thrive.  It is how we got our needs met, and how we felt life is worth living.

My answer to the call: Birthing Movement Medicine, a movement to get Silicon Valley women, men and children
* Moving into LIVE community and REALTIME connection – where we can feel seen, heard, supported and get needed healthy touchholli_movement_medicine
* Moving in our bodies – cause it FEELS good to play and have fun!
* Moving those old beliefs that keep us limited/small or in bad habits – cause when we break down barriers we can stop falling apart and start thriving in our daily lives.

In order to spread the love of this MOVEMENT, here is a sampling of community gatherings:

  • * Quarterly Intention/Seed Planting Gatherings
  • * “Shake Your Booty” Community Dances
  • * Free Form Dance Fundamentals
  • * Sisterhood of the Red Tent Circles