My Dearest Lover,


No matter what you think you have done, no matter what you have actually done, there is nothing that was not supposed to happen in order for us to learn, to grow, to expand into who we are so that we could one day soon be reunited. No matter whose arms you have found solace in, no matter what ways you have tried to run, no matter what begs to be kept from me…I trust all must have happened exactly as it has in order for us to find each other in this lifetime.   All is well as I speak to you now, knowing all from our past is released. All that was done in secret is honored and let go of ~ knowing it was all part of the journey we agreed to take and the lessons we needed to learn ~ making room for what is, for what is to be.   We  had deaths to live before we could become the safe havens for one another, but now is the time to trust it is the time.  My arms are thrown wide open as my heart makes more room to say “YES!” to whatever question forms on your soft lips. My heart, my Soul are still open to you…I always have been, always will be…even through the pain of letting go…which was really just our way of expanding the possibilities, of opening a new door for the LOVE between us and between all.  No matter what, no matter how long it takes…you will always find a warm embrace to encircle you as you complete your journey around…as you hear my mischievous Voice smile with a whisper as I rise to my toes to reach your right ear and utter the words, “Welcome Home”.

~ Your Beloved ~

Android Jones “The Union”


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