How the Journey is Constructed

I thought it would be fun to share a bit of insight into how I construct the Dances for Movement Medicine.  I am deliberately choosing the … Read the rest

Movement Medicine Dance 1/29: Keep it Simple

SIMPLICITY & SILENECE Sunday, January 29th 10:30-12:30 Shake Your Booty Dance 12:30-1pm Closing Circle 1-1:30 Clean up (if you wish to help) @ The Riekes Center … Read the rest

Invest in you!

My passion is to help you create a fully Connected Life.  One where you know what it means to actually inhabit your body (i.e. be … Read the rest

Movement Med Dance Jan 22nd: Disconnect to Connect

Theme for the week: “Disconnect to Connect” Facebook invite Meetup invite Social connection. It’s all the buzz in these parts. Yet how much connection are … Read the rest

A Prayer for the Women’s March

There is a charge in the air, and not one that is full of robust energy. Perhaps it is all the rain we are FINALLY … Read the rest

Pause, Review & Set Your Intentions for 2017

What: A time to gather in community to pause, review 2016 and set intentions for 2017 Why: This time of the year brings both external and … Read the rest

How to use Winter as Movement Medicine

As a young Maiden living in the Greater Chicago Area, I always dreaded the long dreary winters.  As a Sophomore in High School, I remember … Read the rest

What do we do now? 3 Easy & Practical “Ways” To Live in Post-Election days

If I could do one thing…well maybe more than one thing…for all those that are in shock over this election – it would be to … Read the rest

Conscious Apathy, The Election and America’s BIG lesson in Death…

Here is my BIG secret that I shared with a few of my Uber riders, and fewer friends… I CONSCIOUSLY did not give my energy, … Read the rest

Death: The Tomb or the Womb?

The Scorpio New Moon is on Sunday, and with it the setting the tone for the next Lunar month cycle of ….”Death”.  I don’t know … Read the rest