Magic Tip #124: Use Depression to Your Advantage

Change-Management-300x240What if we changed our thinking and thus our beliefs about depression and other states of mental health?

What would the world look removed the label “mental illness” and instead called it “state of being”?

What if we allowed ourselves to see these states of being could be used to our advantage?

What if we used these states of being to help us understand ourselves, our world more?  To help us grow?

What if we returned to a time where we shared our states of being inside the power of stories shared around the computer or campfire instead of in a private office locked away in some psych ward?

What would our world look like?  What would YOUR world look like?


If you want to hear me spill the beans and get REAL on my own story  of depression and decent into the Black Hole where I learned to thrive – click here.

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