Metamorphic Coaching Journey: Bring Back the Magic of Life

Brief Summary: Consider joining Holli Christine McCormick, a certified NLP Life Coach, on a Metamorphic Journey: a new type of workout for the entire being that will ignite your self-connection to the magic of life within. Holli will utilize powerful and fun interactive coaching tools to unlock and RELEASE old stories that keep you trapped in a cocoon ~ OPENING & RECEIVING back the Magic of LIfe that will set you soaring.

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Brought to you by Holli Christine McCormick * Academy of Coaching & NLP certified Life Coach and the Reset Studio

* Sunday, June 8th from 3- 4:30pm, 1850 Oakland Road, Suite 203, San Jose, CA
* Wednesday, June 18th 7-9pm @ Holli’s in Redwood City+
* Wednesday, July 16th 7-9pm @ Holli’s in Redwood City+
* Wednesday, Aug 13th 7-9pm @ Holli’s in Redwood City+

Have you ever yearned, desired or longed for
something more from this life than what meets the eye?

This question often courses through our being just below our consciousness.  Left unanswered, one is bound to feel unsettled, anxious, depressed, disconnected and yearning for something more from life.

I invite you to consider that the “something more” you desire is more connection with yourself ~ feeling routed in your body, full of love, happiness, bliss and joy.  I call this connection with self and all the yummy feelings that come with it MAGIC.  The great news is this MAGIC resides inside of us already.  When we learn to peal away the cocoon of our stories that keep us entrapped, we free ourselves to bring back the magic of life.

Consider joining me for a unique experience: a Metamorphic Coaching journey.  During our 1.5 hours together, we will use powerful and fun interactive coaching tools to help you begin to identify the stories that keep you cocooned. Once these stories are brought to light, we will RELEASE them, creating an OPENING in our Body for Dreams to flow.  When this happens, you are able to RECEIVE the Magic of life once again.

Class outline:

  • Opening Circle – Creation of a safe container, time to meet your fellow Metamorphic journeyers and experiment with intention setting
  • Introduction into what is Metamorphic Coaching and the mantra “Release, Open, Receive.”
  • Interactive application time using the mantra including physical movement
  • Invitation to enroll in your life’s journey
  • Closing circle – review your experimental intention, share your golden nugget and complete your journey your way

Class specifics:

  • Both women and men are welcomed in this setting.
  • We will co-create a safe container for our stories to come forth, ensuring confidentiality and privacy.

* Connection with others through interaction is always at your own comfort level.

  • Time for GENTLE introspection into your thoughts and beliefs utilizing the power of personal questions.  Journaling/note taking suggested but not required.
  • We will get up and move as we listen to our own bodies.  How you move is up to you.
    • There will be time for sharing.  What and how much you share is up to you.
    • Please wear comfortable clothing you can freely move and even perhaps sweat in.  Layers recommended.  No shoes required.
    • Please bring water and anything to make you comfortable for sitting on the floor for up to 20 minutes at a time.
    • Please bring a child-like sense of play, curiosity and wonder with you.

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Dear sisters and brothers, if you would like to dive deeper into your own Magic to co-create your new life - I have several one-on-one coaching partnerships available. Does one have your name on it? If so, email me your deepest dreams and let's get metamorphosing!

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