Movement Medicine Dance 2/5: Energy Exploration

10:30-12:30 Ecstatic Dance Journey
12:30-1pm Closing Circle
1-1:30 Clean up (if you wish to help)

The Riekes Center
3455 Edison Way, Menlo Park, California 94025
Invitation: “Energy Exploration”
At the end of Dance last week, we could FEEL the pulsating energy inst and amongst us. It was FAAABULOUS. As we began to speak again, we could feel the vibrations from our mouths cross the room.

So the Invitation and Intention this week is to have fun exploring the energy that moves us, in us and around us. Don’t be shy – grab that playmate and play!

When your hands are just about to meet – stop. Can you feel that? Where does it want to move from here? How does it want to move? How does it want to move your body, or be moved by your body?

Have a blast exploring the wonderful world of Energy with the ecletic set that is presenting itself.

Picture: Cover art for AtYya’s Aurical album


Watch this video or read on!

Get your week started off with Adult (and kid) playtime (in other words exercise) WHILE making new social connection – IN PERSON – and learning about a worldwide growing community that thrives on dancing.

Come explore Free From Movement in a safe space (i.e. a drug/alcohol/groping/talking free zone :-P). Free Form Movement means there is no instruction nor instructor. Simply move, sit, observe, yoga, meditate, dance, skip, jump, party as you see fit.

There will be 2 hours of live DJed music from around the world. Some Electronic Dance Music, some drums, some remix top 40 and lots of booty shaking beats.

Groovy tunes and a barefoot boogie? Who knew being an adult could still be so much fun!

Here is a sampling of the WIDE arrange of music from #EDM to #WorldMusic to #africanbeats to #house and #dubstep that will be played:

Here is the link to last week’s set!

Welcome home – this is where you – all of you belong!

Let’s Dance!

♥ ♥ ♥

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