Roles of Coach & Coaching Partner

That’s Me


  • I will ask provocative question. I know the inner wisdom of my clients will provide just the answer they need in order to take the next step. I ask introspective questions about beliefs and ways of being open to greater possibilities of your vision. I give information, education and direct advice from my own experiences and education in coaching when asked. I have a wide variety of experience and education in which to pull from in order to help clients (see “My Credentials” on My Story page).
  • I will draw from a wide variety of coaching tools and techniques that I have studied over the years, including NLP processes as appropriate in our coaching relationship.
  • I will provide support and direction by holding your strength, powerfulness, and wholeness for you, even when you get momentarily blinded by fear. I will hold your agenda and goals foremost front and center for our sessions.
  • I will be on time for your calls and if I need to cancel or re-schedule, to do so within the 24 hour policy.

+NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programing; how people learn, communicate, change, and evolve themselves.

That’s you!

  • Keep agreed upon appointments and to be on time to the call. Schedule 60 minutes in your calendar, knowing our appointments will run 30-45 mins at most – allowing you extra time to make notes of your golden nuggets, to integrate, be still, move or use the time however you best need to use it for you.
  • If you miss a call without re-scheduling in a timely manner (24 hours), you will still be billed for the call.
  • Come prepared to share a win, progress and to have focus for the call. Sometimes if you just need to clear energy/feelings first, claim space to do that with something such as, “I just need to clear for 2 minutes before we begin.” This honors the fact that sometimes things back up and you are frustrated. Let’s make space and be conscious that we need to drain the swamp before we can move into coaching. You lead the call. It’s your life. (I will send you a form to assist you in preparing for our calls.)
  • To make complete payments on time. NOTE: Coaching is typically considered a business development deduction. Please check with your CPA if you run a business.
  • Tell the whole truth, even if unpleasant.
  • Teach me how to be the best coach for you! If something is not working in the coaching relationship for you, you have the responsibility to speak it as soon as you are aware of it. This will keep the trust level high and the energy flowing. The same is true for what works for you – share that too.
  • Do the work. Coaching works when you work. It is your life and your actions that make coaching successful for you.
  • Keep commitments to yourself and to the coach.
  • Make no excuses without acknowledging them as excuses.
  • Take a leap to stretch and do something uncomfortable to grow…then re-evaluate how uncomfortable you thought it would be vs. how uncomfortable it actually was. Say what you will do for your “in between coaching” during the week(s) to further the coaching.
  • Have fun, experiment, think less, play more and look for the magic!

Let the cocoon fall away and reveal the beauty that has always been inside!