What is a Coach?

As the coach, I sit in the passenger side of the car as you sit in the driver’s seat. I am along for the ride, knowing that we have set your intention for the journey as to what territory we want to arrive in…yet the way and manner in which we will get there is completely up to you.

I ask you questions to help you navigate the way.  Your answers help us to know which way to turn, when to go straight and when to take pause to look at the scenery along the way.  At any time you can change the destination if you wish, if some other intention feels like a better fit for you.  No matter what, you are always the driver – learning from yourself that you are truly whole, complete and resourceful in and of yourself.  You are not broken…there is nothing in you to fix and nothing missing that you have to go outside of yourself to find.

You are whole, complete and resourceful in and of yourself.  You learn this as you peel away the maps that have covered you up until now. One-by-one you begin to peel them away, revealing the true beauty, spaciousness and freedom that has always existed inside yourself, your world all along.

I am repeatedly blown away at the mysterious process that comes to life, having the privilege of seeing the magical world you paint for me as we drive along – never guessing what you will create within your world next…but loving the connections and deep seeded knowledge you truly do have for yourself.

Each car ride looks and feels different – just as each of us have different cars with different destinations…RoadTrip but ALL are truly our own and truly magnificent. Thank you for this privilege and honor of being the passenger along the ride with you!

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Dear sisters and brothers, if you would like to dive deeper into your own Magic to co-create your new life - I have several one-on-one coaching partnerships available. Does one have your name on it? If so, email me your deepest dreams and let's get metamorphosing!

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