3/19 Dance: What is your flavor of Worship?

Worship = the expression of feeling reverence, adoration (for a deity)

This word feels packed with explosive heat.  It feels like a highly religious word gone array…or at least I imagine this.  

As a former Christian, any time I would hear a worship song – I would cringe at the restraint and tension it would bring into my body. Then I heard one on the dance floor and was caught in between 2 worlds – so I thought.  Not until I heard the DJ’s take on why he liked these type of songs did I start to allow the fuel and energy of Worship back into my life.

Now, my entire dance and Dance (of life) are fueled by this energy that we call Worship.  Whether I am howling like a wolf, shaking my booty like an African tribal dancer or floating around to the rhythmic symphony of Lindsey Sterling – I am worshiping.

Worshiping the “I AM” that I have found in me.  In you.  In the World.  Acknowledging that which is sacred – that which is greater – that resides in us all.

And…I have learned that we all worship, praise in a different way.  From dance to the sports stadium, from the hills to the chapel, from the book to the song – there are thousands of ways to worship.

What they all have in common though is the innate, inborn need in humans to express their adoration for that which is part of us – yet greater than us.

What is your flavor of worship?

10:00 am If you wish to offer help for the set-up

10:30-12:30 Ecstatic Dance Journey

12:30-1pm Closing Circle

1-1:30 Clean up (if you wish to help)

Energetic Exchange/Investment (i.e. Cost):

* $15-20

* Kids under 14 are free, Students $5-10

* 1st time FREE – tho donations in any amount to cover costs ALWAYS appreciated.

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