3/26 Dance: “It’s a Metaphor Baby!”

JOIN US FOR OUR LAST DANCE AT THE RIEKES CENTER (for the foreseeable future)

“It’s a Metaphor Baby!”

Life and everything that happens in it is a metaphor.

Our “normal” every day interactions with others and our behaviors with ourselves – when viewed thru the lens of a metaphor and/or archetypical patterns – become Cosmic stories that have deeper Soul meanings that what meets the eyes.

Our ancestors KNEW this. That is how they understood their stories.  Their stories used the visible things to describe the invisible things.

The tree?  A symbol of humanity, bridging the gap between Earth and Heaven, between Soul and spirit.  A symbol of how to grow – first down deep if you want to go high up.  A symbol of abundance and source: trees and their fruit just were and always had been, providing food, shelter & more for humans and other life without humanities help.

The Serpent? Death & Rebirth (in shedding its skin), Fertility (all thos eggs!), of Life Force/Creative Energy (the Kundalini principle) often associated with the Feminine

The Female? the Feminine principle

The Male? the Masculine principle

The “Apple”? A fruit of the gods, wisdom, and the knowledge of the seed, farming & thus the birth of agriculture

This week the invitation is to sink a bit deeper into the Metaphor of the Dance:

* What are your drawn to on the dance floor?

* Who are you drawn to, or repelled away from?  (yes we know that happens too!)

* What are your unconscious movements trying to tell you?

* Where is all that parallel or mirroring in your everyday life?

* What archetypical story are you playing out?

The Damsel in Distress?  The Shinning Knight?  The Rescuer?  The Joker/comic relief? The Peacekeeper?  The Bully?…

And…I invite you to take this back off the Dance floor, seeing your life in an entirely new way.  Deeper, richer, more fodder for Soul growth!

Send me your questions if you have them…I know this could be a bit new for some!

Lastly, in the video I speak to a subject near and dear to my heart: the role of a Spiritual Leader and the importance of proper training.

I pray you will listen, for there is extremely useful information for all that I will touch on more deeply after the close of circle.

10:00 am If you wish to offer help for the set-up
10:30-12:30 Ecstatic Dance Journey
12:30-1pm Closing Circle
1-1:30 Clean up (if you wish to help)
Energetic Exchange/Investment (i.e. Cost):
* $15-20
* Kids under 14 are free, Students $5-10
* 1st time FREE – tho donations in any amount to cover costs ALWAYS appreciated.
Get your week started off with Adult (and kid) playtime (aka exercise) WHILE making new social connections – IN PERSON – and learning about a worldwide growing community that thrives on dancing.
Come explore Free From Movement in a safe space (i.e. a drug/alcohol/groping/talking free zone :-P). Free Form Movement means there is no instruction nor instructor. There are no observers or on lookers – freeing the space from the often “I’m being watched” vibe. Simply move, sit, observe, yoga, meditate, dance, skip, jump, party as you see fit.
There will be 2 hours of live DJed music from around the world. Some Electronic Dance Music, some drums, some remix top 40 and lots of booty shaking beats.
Groovy tunes and a barefoot boogie? Who knew being an adult could still be so much fun!
Here is a sampling of the WIDE arrange of music from #EDM to #WorldMusic to #africanbeats to #house and #dubstep that will be played: https://soundcloud.com/holli-christine-mccormick
Welcome home – this is where you – all of you belong!
Let’s Dance!
<3 <3 <3
* This is a SCENT FREE zone. No perfumes, colognes, incense, sage, etc.
* This is a drug/alcohol/substance free zone…so we can consciously practice our boundaries and our expansiveness.
* Please turn phones off or in airplane mode. If you must leave it on, please silence and check outside of the dance space.
* Dance barefoot (only dancing shoes please), in socks, or footies
* Please dance with “one eye open” at all times – so you are aware of the sentient beings you might be running into
* PLEASE PLEASE READ the rest of the community guidelines here. I have poured my heart and soul into how do we do this community thang with as much awareness as possible:
Note on the Monies: Thank you for considering how you can exchange energy to support this vision of brining more LIVE connection, touch, healing, Movement, Art and Creativity to the Silicon Valley!
While the main alter will be set, we encourage you to co-create with us. Bring something that represents/symbolizes family/community matters.
Volunteer: Want to connect more with those around you? Find more belonging? We invite you to join in the fun in any of these areas:
Set-up & Clean-up, Altar, pre-opening circle blessing, promotions/sharing the event, or if you have anything else to offer (sound healing super yea) please reach out and let me know.
Sign up here for the Movement Medicine newsletter to always be on top of our gatherings: http://eepurl.com/bJWFCr
What Is Movement Medicine?
This is what Movement Medicine is all about.
Living in the heart of Silicon Valley can be thrilling. And let’s face it, at times a place where we can feel disconnected in the midst of so much “connection”.
Movement Medicine is a Movement to get you MOVING into deeper connection with your Self through Movement Balancing session. Check the above links to learn more!
Here is to the dance!
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