Holli Christine McCormick is a certified NLP* Life Coach with the Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP; holds multiple certificates and licenses within the Health & Fitness Industry; and actively pursues her own conscious healing and growth as a woman and a single mother of two.  She does this through self-study, being coached and attending women’s healing events, retreats and educational programs. She offers one-on-one coaching sessions, Spirit Spa Days, online classes and more. 


*NLP – Neuro-linguistic Programming (i.e. the language that programs the body) helps people detect conscious and unconscious thinking and behavioral patterns in order to rewire the pathways in their brains and bodies.

  • My Vision is to live in a world where women learn to

    * Pick up their responsibility to define themselves in their own language with no excuses

    * Take their seat around the “weaving” circles that empower us towards our radiance and joy and

    * Learn that we, as women, are the CORE nucleus of our families and communities from which all come to for nourishment and go out from once nourished.

    My Mission is to help women clear the old restrictions on their feminine expressions that are located in their mind, body and spirit. Once cleared, women will stand naturally and effortlessly as Speakers of Truth – being radiant, empowered and joyous.

  • Besides being a living example of this Metamorphic process over the last 16+ years, here are a few of the licenses, certifications and degrees I hold.  However, I believe in the power of the imagination and that there are no limits to our imagination…so if there are other modes of journeying through this process, let’s discover them together and use them!

  • A few of the other fascinating information/resources that influenced my own journey includes things such as

    Embodied research into the ancient, mysterious ways of the Feminine.  To this measure I have gone through coaching and programs with:

    Extensive research into

    • Ancient Biblical languages and societal culture that influenced the texts of the Bible – specifically in regards to the ancient view/application of Divorce law vs. modern day view/application
    • Abuse/Abusive/Co-dependant Relationships
    • Patriarchy as a familial, social and church structure; the influence of patriarchy on sex on gender and gender roles
    • History of Early Christianity, Gnosticism, the Goddess movement and the importance of breaking the chains of Dogma
    • The ancient Sumerian story of Inanna and the psychological importance of the decent into the Underworld as ascribed my Karl Jung psychological theory