Reprise to…(you have to read to find out)

I’ve been dragging my feet writing for the past day….not that I don’t want to write, but perhaps because I just have so many ideas, … Read the rest

Chick-fil-A…more thoughts

As the debate in the Christian circle continues to grow…as Christian seems to be pitted against Christian in this battle…my heart is so sadden and … Read the rest

Divorcing the System of Patriarchy

A Summary of How We Moved from Matrilineal to Patriarchy

This was a comment I wrote on a post in regards to the following question: “Now this may be a point of contention, but I … Read the rest

Being Female in a….Male’s World

The thing about awareness is – you really have to choose what you want to be aware of, because it becomes your belief system.  And if that … Read the rest

Dear Brothers…#MeToo is not yours to heal…this is.

Dear Brothers, While women might not admit it (because they haven’t taken ownership of the work they need to do for themselves yet) ~ what … Read the rest


#metoo: To all the sisters AND brothers that can say #metoo – which in our culture I would say is all of us, for we … Read the rest

No More Waiting, Take Action

As I stepped back into the dark dance space, with its booming base and swirling energy, my head was swirling with the pieces of earlier … Read the rest

3/26 Dance: “It’s a Metaphor Baby!”

JOIN US FOR OUR LAST DANCE AT THE RIEKES CENTER (for the foreseeable future) “It’s a Metaphor Baby!” Life and everything that happens in it … Read the rest

3/19 Dance: What is your flavor of Worship?

Worship = the expression of feeling reverence, adoration (for a deity) This word feels packed with explosive heat.  It feels like a highly religious word … Read the rest