A plea to women to honor Mothers so we can change the world (A letter to Emerging Women)

A plea to WOMEN to honor Mothers to change the world (a letter to Emerging Women)   Dear Chantal Pierrat and Sisters,   I am … Read the rest

The inside scoop of being a Single Mother Soulprenuer.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have always wanted to be what is now-a-days called a healer. This pulse has always been in my body – … Read the rest

Waving My Butt in the Air Like I Just Do Not Care

Dance. Dancing. Dancer. La baile – the dance. Dance is my movement medicine. It is not just what moves me, it is what heals me. … Read the rest

My big secret: I am not a coach for hire

I have had another rude awakening this week, coming out of left field and knocking me sideways with little warning. Wow – it is really … Read the rest

Committed to being Self-ish…and a lot crazy.

“Are you crazy?” he asks as he moves into a hug after hearing me announce I am transitioning out of his dance container and a … Read the rest

A Fear of Com..Commitment…and how to start moving into it.

I am putting this up front: I am com…comm…committing to blogging 3-5 days a week (like that don’t you?). This is will be my personal … Read the rest