Conscious Apathy, The Election and America’s BIG lesson in Death…

Here is my BIG secret that I shared with a few of my Uber riders, and fewer friends… I CONSCIOUSLY did not give my energy, … Read the rest

Death: The Tomb or the Womb?

The Scorpio New Moon is on Sunday, and with it the setting the tone for the next Lunar month cycle of ….”Death”.  I don’t know … Read the rest

Break the Pattern. Change Your World. Change the World: 3 Steps to Breaking Patterns

THE STORY It was a unseasonably coolish day in San Diego.   We were inside a stuffy but decently nice hotel conference room, where the … Read the rest

Commitment: How do you Move into/with this word?

Commitment – a word that I had learned last year that I had a real fear of. After a lifetime of commitment to so much … Read the rest

First Initiation in the Sisterhood of the Red Tent: Rewriting our Story about Money

☥◯☥ Energy exchange Ceremony & Ritual ☥◯☥: This always seems to be such a touchy subject amongst the New Pardigm Circles. One that we either … Read the rest

Sisterhood of the Red Tent: Initiations & Rituals into Womanhood

When a woman decides to no longer shun her body, her cycle, her emotions, her soul – where does she turn to in order to … Read the rest

Celebrating the Dark as Life.

Life -DEATH – life…DEATH…is on my mind. As I talk to more and more sisters, we are all experiencing so many deaths…but deaths that we … Read the rest

The Ecstatic Orgasmic Dance of Life is Now.

“Love pulses through my veins, hot and heavy, sweaty and wet. I feel the force quicken my breath and move like tidal waves shimmering through … Read the rest

Digital Detoxing with these Live events: Red Tent/New Moon & Free Form Movement

Dear Community Mover, Are you – like me – a bit tired…maybe even feeling a bit “repulsed” for lack of better words by technology, the constant … Read the rest

Want to escape from reality? Do this 1 simple thing.

Do you have an urge to escape from reality at the end of your day? Do you often do it through Netflix, Amazon, Facebook or … Read the rest