"Sloppy Wet Kisses"

I’m stealing this phrase from David Crowder Band and what I believe to be quite easily the best worship song of our time…How He Loves. … Read the rest

Pancakes, Definitions, Updates, it "did not end in sickness"…and "frust"(?)

P.S. (pre-script) I am a little frustrated with blogger at the moment… for while I am not a perfectionist at most things, I hate when … Read the rest

Revolutionary Love – Review of DC*B…and how I am "ruined for the ordinary"

First, I just have to say that I saw the tragedy of the stage collapse in my home state of Indiana at the state fair. … Read the rest

"NO MORE!" – Beckah Shae

I got some sleep last night…a very good thing for me but maybe not so good for you.  The creative juices are flowing once again … Read the rest

What goes up MUST come down

There is nothing that can bring one right back down to reality after spending the last almost 48 hours literally in the throne room of … Read the rest

Holli of a quaint street in San Jose…

Okay, so pardon my next title, but I have been watching and reading one of my FAVORITE childhood heroines.  Yes, that would be Anne Shirley … Read the rest

Am I an athlete?

It is early, and I have been up for a while already, laying in bed with thoughts of writing streaming thru my head.  What would … Read the rest

When I First Saw

In an attempt to regain a sense of who I was before my journey down a path I didn’t know I was on, I have … Read the rest

Barefoot Running Highs

Note: I am not advertising for this company or the shoes here and have absolutely no affiliation with them…but maybe I should after reading my … Read the rest

Lucky Charm Calamity

I just entered this sentence at Writer’s Digest for the monthly contest.  This one is based on the prompt:  “In 25 words or fewer, write … Read the rest