DJ/Movement Facilitator

Remember those days when you had fewer stresses and more time to play?  Where time used to stand still and there creativity was endless?

Where have those days gone and why does Corporate America not see them as the gem they are?

When people are engaged in sports or playtime, they have the potential to be “In the Zone” or what is now being termed “Flow”.  When people are “In the Zone” their work – whether it be sport or job – becomes a joy because it is feeding our sense of being in alignment with everything all at once.  Work no longer becomes work, but a “thing” we do in order to feel the “Zone” again.  The effects of being “In the Zone”- where work becomes almost effortless and time literally expands before us – can last up to 24 hours afterwards.

Playing in free form movement (aka Mindfulness Dance) is fast becoming the new yoga – and fast becoming the new way to help people get IN THE ZONE.

If you and your team are ready, we can even bring in the music and some lightly facilitated free form movement that will help people to drop out of the monkey chatter in their brain (Left Brain) and reconnect to their fun, playful side where creativity and connection happen (Right Brain).  When this happens, you will wonder why you never considered bringing Playtime into the office like this before!

Contact Holli to learn about more of the benefits of Playtime through Free Form Movement set to music and how to bring this into your company.