Motivational Speaker

Are you looking for a unique, think like there-is-NO-BOX way to pump up your team, inspire them to new heights or kick start a new campaign, launch or product?  

Gone are the days when you want your team sitting and listening to some inspiring story that gets them nodding their head but not much else.  Now is the time to invite your team to get up on their feet, embody the story they want to lead in their life within your company culture and change the way we do business in America.

The number 1 rule of marketing is that people “buy with their hearts” not their brains.  People want to “feel” something that makes them want to move into action.  NLP and brain science are proving that humans learn best by having an experience of something positive – and that this helps to literally rewire the nervous system with new neurological path ways.

With Holli’s background in personal training and coaching, she has a natural ability to engage audiences, inspire them to act and get them moving in a way that is healthy and has lasting effects on their biochemistry.

Using Holli’s method to creating an interactive motivational environment, your team will create new pathways towards:

  • Increased Emotional Intelligence
  • More beneficial Behavior Change
  • Open channels for innovation to flow
  • Empathy for co-workers based on accessing non-verbal communication skills ==> decreasing conflict and increasing cooperation

All Interactive Speeches can be crafted to meet the unique needs of the company culture along with your core values and mission –  or to help create the new culture you are desiring to bring forth Optimal Human Performance.  Some components of the time together would include:

  • A brief personal check-in to have people start to draw attention to their own bodies
  • Humor and short stories to facilitate connection – the doorway into allowing motivation and change to proceed
  • Movement Sessions where the entire team participates in simple tasks such as standing up, walking around the room, massage train, deep breathing to fuller tasks such as light movement to increase the blood and lymph flow, embodied visualizations and noticing certain parts of the body during movement
  • Creating anchors, an NLP technique to help team members embody changes and recall them at will

Contact Holli today to schedule an exploratory time for your next Motivational Speaker needs.  You and your team will never want to step back in the box of conventional speakers again!