Crazy Moms will Save the World: The Taboo of Being Woman

I don’t know about you, but being a modern day woman – especially as a mom- can be a freakin’ confusing thing to be these days.

We get all these messages from the media, culture, government. Annnddd…especially religion – even if we have never been in one…we are still heavily influenced by it.

For me, this came to the forefront a hot day in May back in 2012 I was working a Women’s Healing Conference as the main event coordinator. I was glad because I was still a dedicated Christian woman at the time and these women were just “wild” enough that I was a bit scared.
Yet, that day as I ran around making sure everything was going smoothly, I observed in these women something I had never seen in the women at my churches. I could not for the life of me put my finger on it…but I knew they had something about “womanhood” that I was desperately needing and infinitely missing.

I was seeded with my own Soul defining question. See I knew what it meant to “be a woman” by the definition of Proverbs 31 in the Bible…and all the other bible interpretations I had been schooled in.

And I knew what modern culture said a woman should be like based on things like Victoria’s Secret.

Yet, I had never once in my life actually HEARD from women what they thought it meant to be a woman.

If I had asked women in the church, they would have referred me to a document written by men and told me that was my identification.

If I had asked most modern day women around me here in the Silicon Valley – what do you think they would have said?

But one thing I think both camps of women would agree on is that to be a woman it felt like a big freakin’ taboo.

In either camp, you have to be justified by a man (father, brother, husband, pastor) or the masculine (job, government) to even show up as a soul and really feel like you have any significance in this culture.

Yet we are 50% of the population if not a bit more. We are the backbone. We are the ones that birth the next generation…and the ones that feed them. We are the ones that turn men on so they even want to do their duty.

And we are damned either way.

You are too much woman if you want to have sex, lots of it and enjoy it. Too much woman if you speak your voice that comes not from a world of data and science, but from the gut of intuition and other worldly. You are too much woman if you have strong opinions, make your own way in the world and have a wild and freakin’ crazy as hell power about you.

If you dare to put yourself first and your commitment to self first – if you dare to speak of the Other world you hear/see and KNOW in your innermost being – you are called crazy, a lunatic, paranoid, etc.
These type of women make others afraid, scared. They have been called witches and pagans. These type of women, if not fully rooted in their power, get abused, pushed down and belittled – and used to get killed.

So for hundreds if not thousands of years, women like this went underground – stuffing their voices and their wisdom…and becoming the next type of woman.

The docile, peaceful loving woman – especially mothers. As this type of woman you are not enough woman generally. You are too small to have a voice, to unimportant to make a difference and not sexy enough to keep your mate. You ar

These type of women get more accolades in our culture, but only because they are good women submissive to the culture and playing the illusive right part. That is until their man cheats on them and she is blamed for not doing her part to keep him happy.

And if you are a woman that shows both sides of the coin – you are all the more damned to certain hell.

So, being that our culture is set up for the elite masculine to be the norm and every one else to be the deviant – what happens to women on either side?

The get labeled, classified and drugged.

Which makes women depressed – feeling lost, undervalued and used.

So we get more drugs thrown at us in hopes of making us more like the norm.

Only it doesn’t work.

We then show up with female cancers, losing our body parts and more of our Souls.

Yup, to be a woman in this day an age is a Taboo….one that we don’t even want to see as women, and yet we must.

We MUST see the freaking horrible raunchy mess we have made – men and women alike – on what it means to be a woman and carry the Feminine energy in this world. We MUST be willing to not only see our ongoing contribution to this mess, but be willing to own it and then change it.

For when we do this, my dear sisters, there is hope. There IS so much hope.
I am a sister who has walked on both sides of the road – as many of us have. Through this journey, I have and am making a road map on how to not just throw off the taboo – but to own it fully with laughter and grit and wirily smirk of “yea, I am ALL this and more!”

I do not want to be your teacher in this…no, no, no. You don’t need any teacher but yourself and your body. I simply want to point you in the right direction for you, and journey alongside you.

I admit that if you want to journey on this road, you will need to let go of the voices that tell you are crazy…by responding with a laugh in their face and saying, “Yes, yes I am certifiably crazy by your standards. I fully OWN I don’t fit into your world…but I do fit into mine.”

I promise you that you will never be happier nor feel as free when you make this claim for yourself.

The Dali Lama says it will be the Western Woman who saves the world.

I would add is the “Crazy Western Woman” who will save the world.

So if you are ready to stop feeling wrong for being a taboo, and to start using the strength of this medicine in your life…reach out to me today. I offer a free chat to investigate rebirthing yourself so we can see if we are the right fit. If not, no biggie. I have a team of amazing other women to work with – all powerful, strong, beautiful and as crazy as I am.

Many blessings to you my taboo sister!

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