What is Dance? Simply put: Movement.

Sunset_1“Many, when they hear the word dance, I imagine, get images of ballet slippers or groups of people doing some synchronized movements. But, I’m talking about a much more primal and tribal experience where we are surrendering to an experience that is more like a moving meditation. I’m talking about coming out of my mind and into my body, surrendering deeply to the wisdom that lives within and allowing myself to be moved from this place: this state of surrender and allowing is the most alive experience that I know. The dance I’m talking about is not just for people who think they are into dancing. This is actually for anybody who is living in their body. We are all creative – it’s human nature. We all move and we all have rhythm, even if it’s just our heartbeat and our breath.”hw_main





This was an exerpt from an article to be published in the November issue of 7Sky Magazine first shared by Guided Movement Facilitator & DJ Soulpreneur Hamid Martin, creator of Inner Rhythm (http://hamidmartin.com)

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