Do you feel like the deviant in your Female PMS body? Here’s why…

Unless you are the lucky 10-15% of women who do not experience anything in relation to their monthly cycle – you are in the vast majority who do experience PMS.

images-13Doing a quick search turned up that some 30-50% of us experience enough PMS pain that it disrupts our daily activities.  However, being a modern day woman, I bet there are more of us who simply chug a few pain killers every few hours and keep on chugging.  Because we are liberated women, right!?

The thing the modern world will not tell you – mostly because they have forgotten -is that your PMS symptoms and pain are actually a HUGE LARGE BILLBOARD sharing some important news with you about what is going on inside of you.

Or that this pain and discomfort IS MEANT to slow us down and provide us with a time to hibernate, dream and recharge.  Yes, we need a monthly time of deep winter’s rest to be at our best!

Yet, we women are not given this information (until now)…so we assume this pain=being a woman.   We make do as best we can and keep on chugging in various ways.

However, we live in so much pain from our cycles – psychological, emotional and physical – that others around us suffer as well.  And we all suffer unnecessarily in my opinion.

Let me give you a little secret I have found in my unweaving of our modern day culture:

When we established civilization, we established the “man” as the norm.  And the “privileged* man” at that.

Therefore everything that is not the “privileged man” – meaning women, children and men of a different class…all the way down to the lowliest of lowliest animals – was the “deviant” to the “norm”.

So, if you were not the “norm”,  you were treated – whether politically, socially or physically including medically – images-11
as if something was wrong with you (the “deviant”).  Therefore, the goal was to make you the “norm” or as close to it as possible.

This established “norm” became the undercurrent of our Western Societal Subconscious in such a way that we all simply accepted it, until recently with the women’s and civil rights movements.

I’m sure if you look out over our society with this lens, you will see how we have done this with women.  We didn’t get the right to vote until 1920(!) because we were not the norm.  Our emotional worlds are labeled all sorts of things because men don’t have them – so therefore our emotions must be “deviants”.

And in my opinion we see this “norm vs. deviant” idea the greatest when it comes to our cycles.  Since men are the norm and don’t have obvious cycles – the Western world attempts to make women’s bodies more and more like the “norm”.

And so far, we have been fighting a losing battle.  We are losing breasts, uteruses – and the women they belong to.  Kids are losing moms.  And husbands are losing partners.

So, if you are ready to stand up – to stop being labeled a “deviant” by Western medicine and letting them try to make you into something you are not…then I invite you to join me over the course of the next few weeks or so as I give you quick easimages-12y ways on how to reverse the curse of the deviant.

Join me in the next post to learn about how the Moon Cycle can help you start taking back your Power as a woman in a woman’s body!

Ending the Pain of PMS (1 of 4): The New Moon, Self-love & Compassion


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