Being Female in a….Male’s World

The thing about awareness is – you really have to choose what you want to be aware of, because it becomes your belief system.  And if that belief system is based on an awareness that doesn’t serve you – yet you still believe it is true – then well, I am sure you can do the math there.

Here is an example of what I mean by this:  I have been reaching out to key facilitators in the Santa Cruz world as I moooove with what has been stirred in me in regards to a new creation (I promise, I am getting closer to sharing what this might be!).  In one of those conversations, a well meaning soul started to mention what he was doing in order to encourage more women into the field of DJ/Facilitator.  As he was mentioning this, on the surface I was like, “Yea that sounds awesome and I applaud you!”…however, a gnawing unease was planted that took me another few hours to uncover.

In uncovering that gnawing feeling, I discovered yet another subliminal message that our culture has for both men and women that goes something like this.  {Maybe it is just mine – but I have a hunch it ain’t}:

Being a woman daring to enter any field that has been dominated by males (i.e. DJing, technology, and dare I say – the pulpit, which is really what Conscious DJs are most like)is going to be an uphill battle.  You will need men to justify you, to give you permission, to share with you the secrets of how to do it “right” and to give you a hand up in order to make it.  You will need their help every step of the way, maybe event their handouts.  You will need men to show you how to control your “out of control” emotions and bring them into balance in order to be balanced in your masculine/feminine inner world. (Literally, I just heard a man say this today.)

With all due respect to my brothers that have and are paving the way as Conscious Dance DJs/Faciliators, I know this might not be the conscious story you are saying to yourself or even aware of.  And maybe you aren’t living into this at all – and I applaud you.  Yet, I have to say that the sassy one in me is rolling my eyes and saying “Oh no pleeeeaze now…you ain’t talking to me are ya?”

The thing is, that before I uncovered why I had that gnawing feeling, I allowed myself to BELIEVE the subliminal message that this dear brother’s story was telling me.  Grant it, this might not be his story at all. Yet my training in this culture had me believing it was THE story, the only story I could live by.  Even tho I know this brother’s intent was nothing of the sort – this subliminal message was exerting its effort to make sure I fell back in line with what is acceptable and not acceptable as a woman in a man’s world.

That is until a few hours later I remembered my “No More Waiting, Take Action” philosophy.  The one in which I was done waiting on men – or whomever – to invite me in and serve with my skills.  The one that tells me, all of us really, that we are the creators of our destiny, that we have all the Power we need if we would only believe in ourselves, rise up and claim it for our using.

With that LITTLE correction in myself, I was back on track and able to name that that belief in that story was so Old School…and not one that I will fall into.  I don’t see being a woman, one who is DEEPLY Feminine and yet also Richly balanced in her Masculine energy, as a disadvantage at all.

I see it as an advantage.  A yummy yummy advantage!

And while I will bring both the Feminine AND the Masculine this Sunday – I decided that I was going to play up the fact that I am a woman in this man’s world…creating my own destiny and holding space in an entire new way.  Or will be in some short months to come 🙂 (ooo shoot, did I just say that out loud?)

In the end, the only person’s belief system that matters, the only person that can block us or propel us along –  is our own.

So how about you?  Whether you identify as male or female, straight, gay or some where in between?  Whether you a shade of black, white, red or grey – what fears and limiting beliefs are you ready to do away with so that you can live in


I invite you to come explore with us at Soulscape (the dance that stepped into the old Nexus spot) this Sunday, November 5th.  Click the picture below for the deets!

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