How the Journey is Constructed

I thought it would be fun to share a bit of insight into how I construct the Dances for Movement Medicine.  I am deliberately choosing the word “Construct” here verses create…because while I birth and build the foundation – the Dance itself is co-created by all of us in the moment by moment unfolding.
While most of you know me as a dancer, I have a deeper foundation in Movement that leads me to cross over to the “other side” 🙂 in what feels like a natural way.  I started a path in the Wellness area about 12 years ago as a personal, group fitness and triathlon coach.  One of my FAVORITE thangs was to craft my spin class workouts, picking a theme for the ride and then carefully putting the songs to that theme.  Many of those songs are making their way into these sets now!
Yet, one of my key hallmarks was always ensuring the safety of my clients in whatever they were doing.  Meaning I was always “listening” to ensure they did not push themselves beyond their limits into overtraining (only 10% a week and per workout is recommended to be high intensity), and that there was ample rest time – something our culture seems to want to do without, even within the dance world I am seeing.
As a Movement Coach & DJ, this continues to be a hallmark of mine, influenced even deeper in the past 4 years by studying how the Seasons, Moon Cycles and Cosmic Energy influences us. While we progress in technology, our bodies are deeply intertwined into the rhythms and seasons of this Planet we spin around on.  I have experienced many times over in the past 4 years how deep rest can lead to a more productive life than one absent of this.

The other deep, deep influence on my sets is this: that dance is a vehicle to help us break our patterns.  When we break our patterns, we free ourselves to move in different ways – both on and off the Dance floor.

With this knowledge, I begin constructing any journey with where we are in the year seasonally, where the moon cycle is and taking into account the predominant Cosmic energy coming into us.  This is where I pick the theme or intention for the dance.

Then I listen.  And listen some more.  To music.  To myself.  To what moves me.  To what stills me.  To what feels different, challenging, altering.  Because I don’t want to get stuck into any patterns :-).

I stash songs in playlists on Soundcould, iTunes and Spotify until I can buy and download later.  This leads me to other songs that get put through my sound check test.  Does this song feel as if it fits the intention for the week?  Does it move me?  Does it speak to me?  Does it make me say “F&ck yes!” or does it make the hair on my neck stand up?  Does it make me want to get up and dance, or roll around on the floor, or fling my body this way and that?

Then I attempt to carve out a few hours to put the set together.  This is where I tune into what type of rhythm the Dance is asking for.  This might be the traditional Ecstatic Dance Flow (start slow, build pollenectar_webtag_02to climax, then back down), or it might be something totally different – because I don’t want to allow any of use to get stuck in patterns :-).

I don’t always use the Beats per Minute (BPM) as my indicator to go from one song to the next.  I go more off the feeling and where the song might land best in the set’s rhythm.  I listen to how the song will transition from the previous and following song, and make notes so I remember.  Do I need to take the BMP up or down?  Do I need a long fade or slow or no fade?  Are there words or sounds that feel important to hear?

This is also and area I am growing in vastly, and plan to continue to grow in.  I plan on learning more about how to mix music – so I can continue to craft deeper, more explorative and fun dances – dances that have you enjoying the Stillness of your Mind and the Simplicity of your Journey!

Lastly, for now at least, I allow you – my fellow Soul Mover – to speak to me as you dance, in the moments we are together.

  • * How can I both give you what you want and what you need?
  • * How are you responding to the music?  To the Flow?
  • * Can you go a bit deeper now, associating with your inner world?
  • * Or would it server you to come out a bit more and disassociate so you can just have some fun?
  • * Where do I feel you would allow me to challenge you with this song?

And so many more questions that I might not even consciously realize I am asking as the set unfolds in the moment.

Hope you have enjoyed this exploration into my inner world! If you ever have a song that moves you – please share.  You never know!

Link to some of Movement Medicine’s Sets.

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