Flash Dance Mobs & Events

Flash Dance Mobs are public get-togethers in parks around the San Francisco Peninsula brining the love of music, dance, acroyoga and just downright fun playtime to the world. Think of it as an Adult Recess.

There are no steps to remember, no commitment, no set schedules, no need to even know how to dance. Yes, this is an experiment in OPEN possibilities that begin with “no”.

If you have a heart beat, you have a rhythm that will show you how to move. All levels welcome…whether that is tapping your toes, clapping your hands, swinging your arms or shimming your booty!

So open your heart to the sky and put your Souls on the ground, or vice versa.

Check out the Facebook page here to see when the next Mob is – or to schedule your own!

Movement Medicine for the Soul: Family, Community & Women’s “Night” Out Playdates
Allow Holli to help you and your friends, family & women friends get in touch with your inner deep well of creativity with unique events that will bond you through FUN activities while helping you BE the Healthy souls you know you want to be.

Whether it is a birthday, reunion, anniversary or even a wedding – get out of the box and give your guests the GIFT of HEALTH through a unique experience of healthy movement and artistic expression.

Furthermore, Holli has an extensive Event background and can consult with you on the minute details of the event.

These Playdates are completely customizable based on your unique needs and what you wish to offer to your guests. They could include:
* A unique dance party with world music to help you shake your booty while learning why and how Dance has always been a form of movement and healing for people
* Creative art projects from painting with your hands (it’s not just for kids!) to making a Dream Weaver
* Acroyoga – learn to Fly & Base your friends and family, have an amazing “work” out and work on communication, receive healthy touch and HAVE FUN!
* And more….