Personal Training & Coaching

Behavioral Change Coaching & Personalized Movement Medicine :
Most people do not workout or stick to a workout because they do not find it enjoyable and/or do not have the internal motivation to do so.

With Holli’s unique background in Fitness, Dance/Free Form Movement & Acroyoga combined with the art of NLP, Holli will help you uncover hidden beliefs that block you from creating a healthier, vital life as well as help you find a way to move that brings you FUN & PLEASURE.

You can then either have her continue to be your:
* Movement Medicine Coach – traditional personal trainer approach using free form movement/play instead of weights and a specific set of exercises
* Behavioral Change Coach – do your movement on your own and come to Holli just for other deeper transformations
* OR take what you learn about yourself and explore deeper on your own, coming back for session when you feel stuck or ready to explore something new

These sessions can also be customized for group training if you have friends you would like to join and support you in your journey towards total embodied wellness!

One-on-One Coaching:
1-on-1 sessions to help you MOVE through any areas in your body and life that are getting you stuck, off track or when you are just ready for a new direction in your life. I offer packages for any level of commitment that fits your needs and longings
* “Let’s Flirt” (3 months) all the way to “Let’s Birth a Whole New You”  (9 months – for those who have done some counseling/therapy and are ready to invest in a new life inside and out).
* Read more about what coaching is all about here.
* Then schedule a free Discovery Session here to see if we are a good fit!

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