Wellness for Women
“The World will be saved by the Western Woman” Dali Lama
Women suffer from rates of depression, female cancers and the like at higher rates than men. This doesn’t take into consideration the rates of PMS and worse symptoms men do not even have to deal with.

Understanding the unique body, monthly energy flow and creative powerhouse women are for this world, Holli brings you a completely forward thinking approach to helping you break free from cultural norms and restrictions in regards to how to best care for yourself – thus breaking the growing rates. Your entire FAMILY will benefit and thrive from you knowing how to best care for your body and soul during all times of the month, in all seasons of life.

Online Courses for Women
Get your Sexy Back! is a 21 day course that helps moms create time and space for them, while getting back in touch with the “Marilyn” side of themselves that turned his head (or their heads). This easy course is served to your mailbox once a day for 21 days that includes
* 1 suggested activity a day
* Relaxing & creative juice stirring guided visualizations
* Community support through Facebook
* Ability to invest in yourself with 1-on-1 Behavioral Change Coaching