Intention Setting Workshops

images-4What: A time to gather in community to pause, review 2016 and set intentions for 2017
Why: This time of the year brings both external and internal darkness ~ with feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety and more.  Historically, our ancestors used the power of the darkness to vision their futures through the metaphorical stories of the life/death/life cycle.  When we realign with Mother Earth and Her cycles, we feel more at peace, have more clarity and a sense of belonging.
Date: January 14, 2017
Time: 10 am-2 pm
Cost: $30

Prep FunSheet (i.e. pre worksheet)

Location: 110 Loyola Ave, Menlo Park CA

NOTE: This is the first of Quarterly workshops of this nature. Joining together in community quarterly will allow us to celebrate the previous 3 months as well as to re-align in a cyclical nature with the next seasons energies!

“Holli’s Intention Setting workshop got me truly inspired! She helped me kick my creativity back in gear and determine practical and achievable goals for the new year. I left with a clear image of how my 2016 will begin and excitement for what’s to come!” ~ Dina Robison, Sunnyvale, CA

Other Details: 

When was the last time you took time for yourself during the holidays to just breath?
To pat yourself on the back for ALL you’ve accomplished this year?
To plant your seeds of intention for what you want to create for next year?
To create a visual artistic expression of what’s on your heart?
AND to do this in COMMUNITY with support, where you can verbally share your intentions and make them more real and have others ask you “How are you doing on that? What can I do to support you in moving towards that?”

This is exactly what we will do when we join together as a community family for 3 hours to pause during all the Holiday fanfare!

Using the Mythological theme of life/death/life cycle we will do a review of 2015  (what was birthed, what worked, what needs to be let go of) and then to set intentions for 2016.  The structure will provide community and support to cement our intentions and will include:
* Story telling using a well known story of life/death/life and how this applies to our lives
* Lightly facilitated movement to help wake us up and get the blood flowing so we can drop into light meditation/introspection
* Journaling
* A light art project (most likely with chalks or a small vision board)
* Closing circle to verbally share and commit to the vision
Bonus: What herbal tinctures to have on hand to help ward off winter illnesses and depression.

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