Invest in you!

My passion is to help you create a fully Connected Life.  One where you know what it means to actually inhabit your body (i.e. be embodied).  One that is full of Abun*Dance :-)! One where you have spaces in your life to see the whites of another’s eyes.

To that measure, if you are ready to invest in yourself by taking your Movement Medicine deeper into your life, I am ready to join with you! Whether you want to:

  • Have more freedom/permission on the Dance floor or in life
  • Know how to live life from a more centered place, letting go and opening up to what is
  • Reach goals and dreams you thought were only a pipe dream
  • Create flexible organization in a fun and creative way
  • A good workout
  • Or if you need energy/body work
I support Souls just like you in all of this and more.   I offer a unique approach to your needs that will help you shed a lifetime of self-doubt, limiting beliefs and stress in place of opening up to all the amazing opportunities this life has for you – and for a price much more reasonable than you might imagine ;-).  Simply send me an email to Connect and we will set up a time to chat for reelz!
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Dear sisters and brothers, if you would like to dive deeper into your own Magic to co-create your new life - I have several one-on-one coaching partnerships available. Does one have your name on it? If so, email me your deepest dreams and let's get metamorphosing!

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