Magic Break: Under the Light of a Full Moon

Remember those long summer days that went on forever playing hide & seek, swimming and hanging with your friends?  What about those days that faded into the beautiful warm summer nights?

1344602538_5864_full moonSitting outside these last few nights avoiding the strangling heat entrapped in my home, I have enjoyed watching the full moon rise over my home, the cooler air and play time.  Yep, the other night I worked on my handstands – something I am developing for my new Acroyoga addiction (will definitely be using this as a magic break idea soon!).  I cannot even put into words the immense joy and excitement I got from seeing the almost full moon upside down between my arms.  (Will be even better next month when I am able to nail my handstand for longer periods!)

Magic Break Tip:

Why not get out, with our without your kids, for a little playtime underneath this beautiful and intense full moon?  Here are just a few ideas to get your creativity juices flowing of what you could do:

* Take a hike or leisurely walk

* Dance to the song of the birds, crickets, the crackle of a fire or bring out your iPhone and put on music

* Take a moon time dip in the pool or creek or ocean (with wet suite if in NorCal!).

* Dine like the Spanish: When in Spain, we would eat some tapas around 4-6 and then eat dinner after dark.

* Do a cartwheel, hand or head stand and enjoy the moon upside down

* Play a round of hide and seek with the kids

* Build a fire and gather kids for a night time story

* Get Naked (depending on location 🙂 and get a moon tan (idea from Sara Avant Stover and the Way of the Happy Woman)

* Howl, sing, sit still and let your eyes go soft as you stare and see the magic of the moonlight as it makes new shapes, rays and more

Whatever you do – I encourage you to get outside and enjoy the moon, the fresh air and the buzz of the approaching summer.

Then SHARE what you did here or on Facebook (yes I will be sharing too!)

Happy Moon Play time!

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