May We Remember: A Tribute to the Conscious Dance Space

May We Remember when the sound is all zippered up and the lights are all extinguished ~ may we remember the feeling of expression we have here.

May We Remember when we are bombarded by the media and other people’s agendas for their world ~ may we remember the world of love and openness we create here.

May We Remember when the world gets lost in needless wars of the tongue, carried away by the unproductive energy trying to insist everyone thinks and acts like them ~ may we remember the world we created without words, without ascribing some arbitrary meaning – allowing ALL experiences to be of equal value.

May We Remember when the Hype becomes group think and puts pressure on us to conform or be ca
lled names ~ may we remember our practice of dancing with ALL THAT IS – labeling no*thing, putting judgements aside.

May We Remember when the world starts to label and judge other people’s journeys’ ~ may we remember how we danced as one with a whole lot of individual journeys.

May We Remember our diversity, our individuality is what makes us strong.

May We Remember love cannot co-exist with resistance, which is rooted in closure of the heart, judging another’s journey as being “less than”, “bad” or “not worthy”.

May We Remember to seek understanding – not that our beliefs are right.

May We Remember opening the heart – allowing all the heat of emotions to burn themselves out until they are cleansed in the fire ~ may we remember this allows us to feel the energy of Openness, of Love, of Hope!

May We Remember that Love is ALWAYS the answer.

May We Remember how to Love.

May We Remember to Dance our Dance of Love in our everyday Dance.

May We Remember.

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