Movement Medicine: Forget Workouts – Let’s be Kids again! (The entire family can come!)

Do you remember when you were 7 or 8, standing on the playground at recess wondering what you would do?

There you were all alone and lonely, when a new playmate comes over and says, “Hey come play with me. Do what I do and let’s have some fun!”

You run off with her, giggling as you copy her moves and she copies yours, until you fall over hysterically rolling on the ground and beaming with joy all over your body.

Or maybe you were the friend that invited that new playmate along.

Or maybe you were the kid that never got invited when you most needed it…the pain and longing still resides in your body.

Well, I am here to be that kid inviting you to come along and play with me again!
I have heard many moms, women and men say they could never dance without something in their system…especially not in broad day light. I’ve also heard others say they would feel less inhibited if they could follow their kids in the dance.

I so get this.

And that is why I am offering this invitation:

See the dance as your playground and find a new friend our two and do what came so naturally to you when you were younger: simply play with them!

Play the game of Copy Cat (a silent, non-verbal game of Simon Say’s), trying on your playmate’s actions for size and see how they feel in your body. You might learn something new about yourself and about them.

Line up and play Red Rover. Grab a hula hoop. Make some bubbles. Take your first flight with acroyoga (remember flying on your parent’s feet???). Roll around on the ground. Do a cartwheel. Spin and spin until you fall over laughing and giggling hysterically at the sheer delight of being in your body and seeing the world turn!

And do it all to some fun, yummy beats that will get your knees bending and head bobbing…and probably a little bit more.

If you need someone to copy – I am MORE than happy to be your Cat…and to help you find your inner child once again!!!

Sunday, Aug 16th
Cuesta Park, Mountain View, CA
(Look for the people “playing” to music in the big open grassy knoll)
10-12 playtime
12-1 community potluck – bring some food to share and let’s connect!
Need something? Contact me at [email protected] or 408-813-3743.

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