What do we do now? 3 Easy & Practical “Ways” To Live in Post-Election days

If I could do one thing…well maybe more than one thing…for all those that are in shock over this election – it would be to get you to UNPLUG from all social mediums (except maybe me of course :-P)…and then wrap my arms around you and rock you to the beat of a sweet tune.
Maybe it is because I gave the gift to myself to practice Concsiocus Apathy these past 6 months (see my post as to why) and unplugged from all the hype – including well meaning friends…
Maybe it is because I felt similar to many on the “LEFT/LIBERAL” side when I was a staunch Tea Partier who thought Obama was connected to the Anthi-Christ…and yet life continued to roll on for me and my 1 week old baby….
Maybe it is because I lived in the Mid-WEst and Texas for years and don’t live in the Left Coast bubble and FULLY expected Trump to win – and didn’t see Bernie as some Jesus like savior….
Maybe it is because I used to believe in the Doomsday prophecies, or because I can see soooooooo many parallels having spent time in all sides….
Nonetheless, as sisters and riders call or ask me about how I am doing after Tuesday as they share their shock and sadness – I get to delightfully share that I was so emotionally unattached and thus CENTERED in my own being in an extremely CONsCIOUS way…and that I see that
The Cosmos all point to the fact that we were IN and ARE IN and will continue to be IN for a big falling out/unveiling of the illusion we have been in, to no fault of our own.
The Stars – the REAL Stars – say to us.
So….after you have felt your emotions, after you have fully moved them through, and then some more….and and after you have allowed me to hold you for a while….here are some possible, highly practical and easy “ways” to do something <3<3<3:
1) STOP USING “FIGHTING” WORDS & ENERGY05defede128b9bda7d0cd3d307ca5e37
Using the same energy that created this system is not the way to focus our energy. Using words and thus energy like “We have to fight this.” “This means war…”….even down to belittling Trump, Hillary or the others…all of that is OLD ENERGY that created where we are now. Like creates Like. Like reflects Like. If you don’t want to create more of where we are now -then find a different way. Live
as if this system doesn’t exist for you any longer and it will cease to have your power…and your friends power, and your spouses power…until eventually the current system is starved of all power.
In my study of the Creation of Patriarchy as our societal structure (created by both men AND WOMEN) our ancestors created this as a means to solve their own survival issues at that point in time, with what knowledge (aka awareness) they had at that point. IT was an experiment they had no idea what would become of it. We can now say 4500+ years later it has not been the best one for the human nor Earthly races….and it is simply time for change. No blaming, no thinking we are “in the wrong” place and time…simply acknowledging that we had a HUGE LEARNING LESSON that we now need to grow from.
IMHO, our system is dying, and has been for years. Yet because America is so used to avoiding death – we keep trying to hook it up to the Life Support System instead of taking it off the rimages-4espirator and letting it die naturally. Let those that want to continue to feed it their energy (time, money, thoughts, opinions, analysis, etc) feed it.
No man nor woman is EVER going to save us. This is a hidden subconscious thought/belief the Patriarchal system created in all of us (that is a whole book I could write!). We need to let that freakin’ die too…
So what can we do?
By all means Feel your emotions about this election, while remembering you are NOT just your emotions nor your thoughts about this election. Then get mooovin! Stop putting your time into searching for answers as to how this could happen and why….and start turning into your own hearts.
Stop looking for someone to be your savior – and start being your own savior. You freakin know what you need to do to be who you want to be – go be Her or Him!
Serve your family, serve those right in front of you. Serve yourself until you now how to take care of yourself without over extending and being co-dependant.
Put your energy (money, time, thoughts, advice) into developing LOCAL community you can continuously feed. Building LOCAL community that will be ESTABLISHED when the current one finally takes it last breath. That is the wave of the future. No need for mass revolution, reimages-4bellion or chaos here. DIRECT OUR ENERGY where it is needed and the rest will flow into place.
Lastly, please remember this: We ALL have different gifts to give to these new community tribes that will grow . Not everyone has the same piece of the pie to contribute…and we won’t have to sway, bribe, blackmail people into “helping” our personal effort. Focus your energy on what you feel passionate about creating/building and let others with the same passion join you…while the others find and contribute in their ways. No micromanaging…no strong-arming…simply flowing.
Please take a few more moments to read this post that many are saying is giving them hope and a new way/perspective to see the current events. I know you will feel lighter after reading it!
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