A Prayer for the Women’s March

There is a charge in the air, and not one that is full of robust energy. Perhaps it is all the rain we are FINALLY getting, or perhaps it is the national thing that is happening tomorrow.

In times like these, I am thankful for my walks in the woods.  To disconnect from the media, busy highways and technology.  So I can re-Connect with the rhythm of this great planet we find ourselves on spinning around in the middle of somewhere.  For it is in the Woods I am reminded of the simple fact I state time and time again:

Progress does not happen without destruction.
New Life/New Eras do not happen without deaths.

If by chance you are looking for a different or new way to view what is about to happen tomorrow, or you need some hope – I wrote 2 great posts (if I might say so myself) here and here.
If you are Marching with the Women…I pray that you remember this: fear, anger, hate, bigotry and the like is what has created our world for way too long.  It is only in offering a resolute stance of love, peace and understanding in strength and power with no hint of that other stuff that we will be able to create the new world so many of us are dreaming about.  I pray that you and those that you march with create in this new energy – and that we all learn how to flow with life that is happening instead of resisting it.  Amen.

AND…..AND….the best thing any of us can do is come to Dance on Sunday and dance all the wiggles, jiggles, gyrations, angst, anger, worry, fears out of our bodies – mix it up with a whole lot of love and joy and peace and Ohs….and send it back out to the world.

WE are dancing the Tag line this week – DISCONNECT TO CONNECT.

May the Force of Creation be with us all, may we remember to have fun and just keep Moooovin!
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