T is for Trust: Reconnecting to Your Body


The “T” in R.A.D.A.I.N.T. stands for “Trust”.  As  part of the Sisterhood of Radiant Mamas, we practice trusting that our bodies, our experiences and our feelings are speaking to us.  We trust that there is nothing to fix, nothing to go find outside of ourselves and by golly there is nothing wrong or bad about us.  We trust the messages, feelings, words and symbols that come to us as if they are keys to understanding our own story.

This online class is designed for ALL mamas who wish to begin to understand what the what their aches, pains and even PMS are saying to them.  This is a GREAT beginning place for women wishing to learn to trust their bodies again in preparation for the deeper dive of Radiant Mama Coaching and group classes (coming soon).

Length: 1.5 hours
For whom: ALL who wish to re-discover their body language
Groups or Individuals: for both!
Description: We will use powerful and fun interactive coaching tools to help you begin to identify the stories that keep you cocooned. Once these stories are brought to light, we RELEASE them, OPENING up your Body so you RECEIVE the Magic of life once again.
BONUS: We will also take an explorative dive into the world of symbols!

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