Red Tent/Women’s Collective Circles

Women’s Collective Pajama Circle:  

Joining the power of sisterhood together in Red Tent fashion to move into:

* holistic self-care that accepts ALL parts of ourselves

* our season of life with grace & acceptance  – whether we are bleeding our not – and how to get the most out of them

* a deeper relation to the moon & seasons to heal our bodies

* the shadow sides of sisterhood (including how we treat each other when men come around 🙂

* and so much more

Wednesdays starting Feb 24th at the Subud House in Palo Alto, 7:30-9.

First 6 week series: Building the Foundation of Self-Care

With this 1st series, we will be exploring how to make

* Woman Time


* Simple practices you can do in that time

Using the foundation of “Get Your Sexy Back”here