Looking to take your dance practice deeper?  Or to just feel comfortable being in the dance – whether on the floor or in this thing called Life?

Are you a woman wanting to understand your own feminine body, spirituality and journey according to the cycles and rhythms of your body, the Earth & Moon?

Or are you a man tired of the drive for constant perfection with the constant monotone push of pedal to the metal?

Holli offers a unique set of services that allow you to slow down, drop into your body, and find your own internal rhythm that allows space for healing, introspection, growth and more.

Quite simply Holli will help you, no matter your gender:
* align with the power of the seasons and the lunar calendar
* help you set your intentions and clear the path to making them reality
* drop into a space of self-acceptance, love and nourishment you never knew you possesed


Personal Training & Coaching Movement Medicine Style

DJ/Movement Facilitator

Motivational Speaker

Flash Dance Mobs – on Demand


Get your sexy back! 21-day online self paced class
In just 3 weeks, learn how to create space & time for the Woman inside of you – plus how to step more fully into her with practical and juicy self-care tips that your partner will be THANKING you for!

Other offerings from Holli’s Heart to yours:

  • *Helping you create your own small circle: you pick your friends, your theme(s) and I will help you uncover the skills, ideas and more and/or facilitate with you
  • * Helping you create ideas and communities within your work environment that get people Moving with Mindful Self-Care and Community


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