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“Holli is skilled at providing practical, solution focused coaching in an empathic, compassionate manner.

She uses tools like guided imagery, positive visualization and neuro linguistic programming to provide guidance especially in situations where the client is struggling with ambivalence and wanting to make a change in his/her life.

If you are ready to make a change in your life, but need someone to guide you and help you along the path, Holli is your gal!”
Sayrah G., Oakland, CA;
Deep Dive 5Rhythms Instructor/Facilitar

“Holli provided a safe space for me to get out of my head and into my body, where I instantly felt more freedom and creativity. By asking me to join her outside to dance, I also was able to practice on my own personal boundaries and limiting beliefs that keep me from doing such things in a place that is boundary-less.”
Dallas R. ~ Menlo Park, CA. Educator & Father

“Holli is a wonderful coach! She does a great job of setting up an environment that feels safe and judgement free. Holli really encouraged me to say what I had on my mind without feeling the need to censor my thoughts and words. Going into the session, I tried not to have many expectations, but of the expectations I did have, Holli far exceeded them. Through the session, Holli used several techniques that helped me go inward and clearly focus on the things that I truly desired. I found that I was unsure of exactly what I wanted, because I tend to think about what other people want for me, rather than what I truly want for myself. Holli helped me realize that I need to stay true to my inner voice in order to achieve the goals and relationships I want in my life. I highly recommend her Wellness Coaching because they really do work!”
Catherine T. ~ Atlanta, GA.

“I have to say this was my first time – I was a phone coach virgin! I was a little skeptical. However, Holli grounded me right away with meditation and I already felt some healing. After she compassionately listened to where I was in life, asked gentle probing questions that lead me down paths I did not know were there, led me to realizations – to aha moments – that gave my clarity from what I thought was a burden to me. She helped me feel lighter. I loved the follow up she did as well to make sure the fog had not settled back in but helping me be sure I was on the path we had uncovered together. I highly recommend Holli for helping you get unstuck and out of the fog!!”
Morris B. ~ Sebastopol, CA

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