The Medicine

Dancing-profileLet’s get you moving!

Quite simply put – Holli is a Movement Re-Education Coach.  This means she assists with starting Movements – both amongst people and within the individuals themselves, both in the physical plane of life and in the Internal landscape of the body.

She does this by offering movement classes and workshops, small group personal training sessions incorporating NLP practices (to get the hard-wired habits loosened up and moving), community dances and other such events.

Holli offers all services both to individuals as well as to Corp. America. (Check out the tabs above!)

In order to help you build more Real LIVE Community, Connection and Mindful Self-Care practices, here is what you can choose to get involved in:

Friday Night Full & New Moon Dance celebrations
Check out our first gathering here.
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expereince power of intention

Free Form Dance Fundamentals 

Red Tent/Women’s Collective Pajama Circles

Quarterly Letting Go & Intention Setting workshops: first one here!